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TOPIC: 191004 KNOWLEDGE: K1.01 [3.3/3.5] QID: P21

NRC Generic Fundamentals Examination Question Bank--PWR February 2016

Which one of the following contains indications of cavitation in an operating centrifugal pump? A. Low flow rate with low discharge pressure.

B. Lowflowratewithhighdischargepressure.

C. Highmotorampswithlowdischargepressure.

D. High motor amps with high discharge pressure. ANSWER: A.

TOPIC: 191004 KNOWLEDGE: K1.01 [3.3/3.5] QID: P221 (B218)

A centrifugal pump is initially operating at maximum rated flow rate in an open system.

of the following moderate changes will cause the pump to operate in closer proximity to cavitation?

A. Increase pump inlet temperature.

B. Decreasepumpspeed.

C. Increasepumpsuctionpressure.

D. Decrease pump recirculation flow rate. ANSWER: A.



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