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Volume 52 Issue 2 December 2011 Pages 112-117

International Scientific Journal published monthly by the World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Effect of different design features of the reactor on hydrodynamic cavitation process

J. Ozonek a, K. Lenik b,*

a Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering, Lublin University of Technology, ul. Nadbysztrzycka 38D, 20-618 Lublin, Poland

b Department of Fundamental Technics, Lublin University of Technology,

ul. Nadbysztrzycka 38D, 20-618 Lublin, Poland

* Corresponding author: E-mail address:

Received 02.09.2011; published in revised form 01.12.2011


Purpose: The determination of the effect of the change of inducers’ shape and surface on the cavitation process.

Design/methodology/approach: Experimental studies of the effect of pressure changes in the function of the construction change of cavitation inducer on the hydrodynamic cavitation process.

Findings: Selected effects of the cavitation process were discussed with variable pressures obtained by changing the geometry of cavitation inducer.

Research limitations/implications: Analysis of the cavitation process in the function of geometric features of the cavitation inducer.

Practical implications: The possibility of controlling the hydrodynamic cavitation process. Originality/value: The assessment of the effect of the cavitation reactor selection on the process

or/and the selection of the solution for the specific conditions of the course of the cavitation process.

Keywords: Cavitation phenomena; Hydrodynamic cavitation; Cavitation number; Hydrodynamic reactor

Reference to this paper should be given in the following way:

J. Ozonek, K. Lenik, Effect of different design features of the reactor on hydrodynamic cavitation process, Archives of Materials Science and Engineering 52/2 (2011) 112-117.


1. Introduction

dissolved gases in the liquid. Then upon violent compression to pressures at which these voids, filled with vapour and gas, implode [1-4].

Cavitation is not observed in gases, which is due to the lack of surface tension, as well as other characteristics of the gaseous state. Liquids, however, even under an isothermal fall in pressure to saturated vapour pressure, turn into the gaseous state, in which the phenomenon is discrete within the liquid and the vapour is released in the form of spherical bubbles throughout the volume of the liquid.

1. Introduction

The name cavitation as used in physics and technology originates from the Latin word cavitas (a hollow space or cavity). The first correct analysis of this phenomenon was presented by Reynolds in 1894. Cavitation describes a particular phenomenon which occurs inside a liquid when subjected to pressure field changes over time and distance. These changes depend on the liquid rarefying to a sufficiently low critical pressure, causing the formation of voids, filled with vapour from the liquid, as well as

112 112

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