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Molecules 2003, 8, 40-44

Sonochemical Degradation Kinetics of Methyl Violet in Aqueous Solutions

Xi Kui Wang*, Guan Hong Chen and Wei Lin Guo

College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, University of Jinan, Jinan 250022, Shandong Province, P. R. China, Tel. (+86)-531-2765948, Fax (+86) 531-7150906

* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; e-mail:

Abstract: The sonochemical degradation in aqueous solution of methyl violet, chosen as a model of a basic dye, was studied. The ultrasonic degradation kinetics in water were found to be first-order and the degradation rate coefficient is 1.35×10-2 min-1 (R= 0.9934, n=8) at 20±1°C. The influence of the initial concentrations, reaction temperature and the pH of medium on the ultrasonic decomposition of methyl violet were also investigated.

Keywords: Methyl violet, degradation kinetics, sonication, sonochemistry


The sonochemical reaction is regarded to originate from acoustic cavitation. The cavitation processes consist of the creation, growth and implosive collapse of gas vacuoles in a solution. According to the “hot spot” theory [1], extreme temperatures (>5000K) and high pressures (>1000atm) occur within the bubbles during cavitational collapse. Under these extreme conditions, most organic compounds decompose in the cavitation bubbles as well as compounds present in the surrounding condensed layer undergo reactions comparable to those found in high temperature combustion. The ultrasonic degradation in aqueous solution of a large number of chemical compounds of environmental interest such as 1,1,1-trichloroethane [2], chlorinated hydrocarbons [3,4], polychlorinated biphenyls [5], phenols [6,7] and surface active reagents [8] have been studied. Dyes are an important kind of environmental pollutants in rivers or lakes. But the sonolysis of dye has not been reported before. In this paper we have studied the sonication of an aqueous solution of methyl violet that was chosen as a model of basic dye.


ISSN 1420-3049

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