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BioGen Fuel Solutions LLC 6 Alton Avenue Voorhees, New Jersey 08043 USA Tel. +1-856-299-1274

Biodiesel Production Technology Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation Reactor

BioGen Fuel Solutions has developed a proprietary production technique that provides a lower cost method of producing biodiesel, adds flexible feedstock capabilities and reduces the overall footprint of a commercial facility. The proprietary process is based on the phenomena of hydrodynamic cavitation. Specifically, the technology centers on the design of an engineered orifice nozzle, or Vena contracta, based on incompressible fluid dynamics, that will reliably produce hydrodynamic cavitation in large-scale production systems.

Each hydrodynamic cavitation chamber is a stainless steel assembly, with a 10” length and 3” diameter and will process up to 20 gallons per minute (10 million gallons per year) of liquid. The standard hydrodynamic cavitation chamber is designed to safely operate at pressures in excess of 3,000 psi (lb per square inch), although our standard operating pressures are in the 1,000 psi range. The metal that is used to manufacture the assembly is specially treated to reduce cavitation erosion of the chamber surfaces, which could occur at these elevated operating pressures.

Hydrodynamic cavitation is the process of micro-bubble generation and implosion which occurs in a flowing liquid as a result of an increase and subsequent decrease in liquid pressure. Hydrodynamic cavitation can be produced by passing a liquid through a constricted channel or orifice at a specific velocity. In our case, we have designed a constricted channel with a unique geometry. When a liquid passes through the orifice, a combination of pressure and kinetic energy is produced that creates hydrodynamic cavitation downstream of the orifice, thus generating high energy cavitation bubbles.

The process of cavitation bubble formation and collapse results in very high energy densities, creating high temperatures, intense shearing/mixing action and high pressures at the surface of the bubbles for a very short time (microseconds). The overall liquid medium environment remains at ambient conditions, while at the “micro” level, the high energy phenomena occurs. This controlled cavitation can be used to enhance chemical reactions, such as transesterification, which is the the chemical reaction responsible for the production of biodiesel.

Our hydrodynamic cavitation technology has the following advantages over conventional biodiesel processes:

• Multi-Feedstock Capability

We can process a wide range of crude, refined and recycled feedstocks. This feedstock flexibility reduces the overall feedstock cost, as we can utilize lower quality/lower cost materials.

• Robust Cavtiation Chamber Design

There are no moving parts in the cavitation chamber, significantly reducing maintenance costs and increasing process reliability.

• Lower Capital Cost

The biodiesel reaction is completed in a continuous process, resulting is faster conversion time and a smaller plant footprint, reducing the overall biodiesel plant size and operating cost.

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