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Hydrodynamic cavitation technology: Industrial applications

Prof Aniruddha B. Pandit

Pratik P. Sangave, Aniruddha B. Pandit, Anjan C. Mukherjee HyCa Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon associated with three aspects: formation, growth and collapse of vapor or gas-vapor bubbles within the body of a liquid due to variations of local static pressure.

Decreasing the pressure over a liquid and bringing it to its vapor pressure at the operating temperature generates vapor bubbles in the liquid. When the pressure is brought back to normal pressure, these vaporous bubbles collapse with a bang to generate intense pressure and temperature at the point of collapse (Fig. 1). Such intense conditions (5,000 atm and 12,000°K, intense turbulence) and resulting shock wave can bring about several physical, chemical & biological transformations, even when the bulk conditions are ambient.

Mumbai-based HyCa Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed the technology to create and collapse precisely tailored cavitation bubbles to modulate the pressure, temperature and turbulence conditions by means of controlled variations in the pressure of fluid. This article describes few case studies where the company’s ‘HyCator®’ brand of reactor systems were gainfully employed in effluent treatment plants, in cooling towers, particle size reduction and biogas production enhancement application.

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