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Friday 11 February 2005 0800–1000 Galaxy Ballrooms II and III


PG9.1 Structure and microhardness of quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe alloys and coatings

S.I. Sidorenko, L.D. Demchenko, Y.N. Makogon and S.M. Zakharov

PG9.2 Electron microscopy of electromigration damage in metallic nanowires

K.J. Stevens, K.S. Cheong, D.M. Knowles, N.J. Laycock, S.A. Brown and S.C. Hendy

PG9.3 Optical spectroscopies of potentially half metallic Heusler alloys A. Bittar, C.E.A. Grigorescu, N. Strickland, E.Valerio and H.J. Trodahl

PG9.4 Interface diffusion in pulsed laser deposition of NiMnSb on silicon

C.E.A. Gigorescu, E. Valerio, J. Kennedy, P. Caminat, R. Notonier, O. Monnereau, M. Autric, H.J. Trodahl and A. Markwitz


PG10.1 Visualization of a cell membrane surface and dynamics using atomic force microscopy

P. Savigny and K.M. McGrath

PG10.2 Electrochemical grafting of multilayer amine films onto thin-film carbon substrates E.S.Q. Tan and A.J. Downard

PG10.3 Fabrication and surface modification of composite carbon and silicon hybrid materials

S.S.C. Yu, A.J. Downard, P.A. Brooksby, E.S.Q. Tan and R.J. Blaikie

PG10.4 Effect of UV irradiation on the structure of passive oxide films H. Nanjo, M. Fujimura, M. Nishioka, I. Ishikawa and J. Onagawa

PG10.5 Electrochemistry of room temperature ionic liquids A. Gestos, W.E. Price and G.G. Wallace

PG10.6 Origin of the optical anisotropy oscillations of Si(001) surfaces during oxidation W. G. Schmidt, F. Fuchs and F. Bechstedt

PG10.7 Nitrophenyl and nitroazobenzene thin films on carbon surfaces P.A. Brooksby and A.J. Downard

PG10.8 Isothermal microcalorimetry as a technique for material characterization V.E. Ostrovskii


PG11.1 Spectroscopic studies of interactions of polyaniline with some Cu(II) compounds

M. Gizdavic-Nikolaidis, J. Travas-Sejdic, R.P Cooney and G.A. Bowmaker

PG11.2 Soluble alkoxy-substituted poly(terthiophenes): polymerisation, characterisation and device fabrication

A.M. Ballantyne, D.L. Officer, S.B. Hall, G.G. Wallace, C. Wang, Y.Wu, V.J. Misoska and G.Tsekouras


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SUPERCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTOR FOR SALE: 5L, 10L and 20L - 2,000 psi Complete Supercritical Fluid Extraction System - closed loop. Our systems are made at our fabrication shop in the state of Washington. Systems available: 5L, 10L, 20L, 100L, and larger custom. Typical build time is 2 weeks. This is not a Apeks Supercritical or Waters Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction System. We believe it is a better system, since we use 1/2 inch tubing for the CO2 flow, which is 4 times the flow rate of a Apeks, and up to 64 times the flow rate of a Waters system. We believe the result is faster processing time and better yield from increased exposure to CO2 solvent. Perfect for extraction of terpenes, trichomes, and Cannabinoids. Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction is a art, and the operator must have experience and training to obtain results. Go to website

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