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Quantum Fusion: Cavitation Induced Fusion

One of the branches of LENR /cold fusion research, is “Cavitation Induced Fusion”.

Quantum Fusion is developing a reactor boiler to produce energy using this heat and light generating phenomena probably related to “Sonoluminescence”. They recently gave a presentation at the ICCF 18 international LENR conference.

Steve Windischof from The Free Energy Facebook Group says “Its not clear at all if this process is directly related to the Pons and Fleischmann Effect or Nickel-Hydrogen Gas Loading (the two best known methods of LENR). But it does appear to have the ability to fuse Deuterium atoms to produce Helium isotopes; using the vast heat and pressures of collapsing bubbles in liquids.”

I decided to cover this story as I believe this effort if worthwhile following. There are some highly qualified people involved and I am sure it will spark a good debate in our comments section among our readers. I am way out of my depth of my here to comment on this from a scientific perspective. I will mainly rely on information from

the website. I know some of the people involved personally and can vouch for their motives in this research project.

What is Cavitation Induced Fusion ?

Cavitation-induced fusion process is very simple: a cloud of fuel-filled bubbles is injected in a suitable carrier liquid and the bubbles are made to oscillate via a variable pressure drive. Properties of the liquid, dimensions and gas content of the bubbles as

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