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Role of Lithium in LENR – Part three Electroinduced Cavitation in liquid Lithium

Acoustic detecting during pulsed electrical stress in electrolysis (archive Open Power)

About cavitation a wide literature is available, and many applications are in the LENR field.

In Italy have been carried out fundamental researchworks, among others, by prof. F. Cardone; they can provide a key to justify "piezonuclear phenomena" of A. Carpinteri.

The basic concept is related to the enormous pressures that develop during instantaneous implosion of the bubbles contained in a material when stressed by ultrasound.

The phenomenon strongly depends on the speed of sound in the medium, and higher speeds produce higher pressures.

The current experimental campaign in progress at the Open Power laboratory, covered by patent application, provides for stressing the target material by means of narrow and very high electrical pulses, repeated at low-frequency, capable of providing instantaneous powers of the order of several Megawatts that, averaged over time, correspond to a total power below 100 watts.


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