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Universal Journal of Engineering Science 1(3): 89-94, 2013 DOI: 10.13189/ujes.2013.010304

The Using of Controlled Cavitation Processes in Some Engineering and Agricultural Applications

Kanat M Dyussenov1,*, Janna Dyussenova2, Ivan Nedugov2

1The Innovative Eurasian University, 140000, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan 2InnoMix Ltd, 140000, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan *Corresponding Author:

Copyright © 2013 Horizon Research Publishing All rights reserved.

Abstract On the basis of information on impact of ultrasonic and hydrodynamic cavitation on water in various engineering and agrochemical applications parameters of the frequencies favoring to an intensification of growth of some grades of tomatoes, shanks of decorative roses and saplings of a pine ordinary are defined. The example of the engineering application of operated hydrodynamic cavitation on the basis of the independent generator of warmth for heating is presented. This example was patented and successfully used further for water structuring in some agrochemical applications. Results of researches of influence of acoustic radiations in the range of frequencies of 20 Hz - 50 kHz and operated hydrodynamic cavitation on growth of some types of plants and data on influence of the specified private range on some physical and chemical properties of irrigation water are presented. It is shown that for a productive drop irrigation of skilled plants the range of ultrasonic radiation in a range close to 20 kHz which leads to increase of concentration of microcells of the metals dissolved in irrigation water is most effective and also influences favorable change of pH of irrigation water. Experimentally an established fact of increase of productivity of tomatoes for 15 % at rather short-term period of watering by the structured water and considerable effect of increase in growth of root system at saplings of decorative roses. Also established an experimentally fact of decrease in an electric conductivity of irrigation water after hydrodynamic cavitational impact on 18-23 %, along with favorable change of pH of water. Some factors influencing an intensification of growth of saplings and development of root system with considerable decrease in pathogenic micro flora are analyzed and revealed.

Keywords Ultrasound, Acoustic Radiations, Cavitation, Masses Spectrometer Analysis, Infrasound, Piezoelectric Radiators, Frequency Range

1. Introduction

A range of technical applications of hydrodynamic and ultrasonic cavitation rapidly increases in the world being directly used in medicine, naval applications, pharmaceutics, chemical technologies, cosmetics and cosmetology, etc. In our case we consider a method of generation of controlled hydrodynamic and ultrasound (acoustic) cavitation. It is necessary to note, that the thermodynamic effect of cavitation experimentally received on the trial installation obviously confirms the fact of presence and accompanying complex cavitation effects there are characteristic for ultrasound cavitation.

The analysis literary given both scientific and taken from the Internet allows making practically unequivocal conclusion that the thermodynamic effect of hydrodynamic cavitation is the integral part of the interconnected and complex effects of cavitation. These are such effects as sono-luminescence, having dug intermolecular connections in the cavitation’s cavities, water ionization, highly effective emulsification and homogeneous phenomenon, de-aeration and change of the structural characteristics of the water, etc.

Use of hydrodynamic cavitation as a heat-carrier for water heating is well known. The unconditional leader in world technology of the given method is the US Company Hydro Dynamics, Inc. [1]. Researches of the Ukrainian companies IterEnergoResurs Ltd. and TEKMASH [2] are of interest also.

The application of ultrasonic cavitation in medicine and biomedicine also has a rather wide range in embryology and experimental morphology [3], therapeutics practice [4], of microbiology and biochemistry [5, 6].

The American company Flowserve is known also, developing the equipment for management and prevention of hydrodynamic cavitation in the various industrial applications.

The production of the American company Arisdyne Systems, Inc. is of interest on application of controlled hydrodynamic cavitation for preparation of highly effective mixes of a biodiesel and ethanol. The reduction of a level of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxides and liquid fuel flow is represented also by the American company Cavitation Technologies, Inc. [7], confirming that controlled

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