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V.S. Taran, V.V. Krasnyj, A.V. Klosovskyi, T.A. Panas’ko, O.M. Shvets, O.T. Semenova, V.I. Tereshin

IPP NSC “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology” 61108, Kharkov, Ukraine

Practically in all areas of modern-day science and technology (microelectronics, micro system technology, instrument and machine building, biotechnology, medicine, etc.) there exists a problem of cleaning surfaces of materials from various microbiological objects. If in medicine this is different levels of disinfection and the sterilization and the basic requirements are connected with the low temperature of sterilization, the short duration of process and the high ecological cleanliness of products, then for the articles of electronic and microelectronic engineering one of the key problems is to eliminate bio-corrosion and influence of defects on nano-level (microorganisms, bacterium, viruses, spore, caps, etc.).

Presently the basic methods of low temperature sterilization are: a gas method on the basis of ethylene oxide and plasma method on the basis of hydrogen peroxide

However, the duration process of these methods and the cost of equipment initiated search of new more simple methods. For the aims of surface cleaning from pollution and disinfection not of high level the ultrasonic washings are used also with addition of chemical ingredients.

The ozone technologies with the use barrier glow discharge are one of the promising methods and good alternative for the above mentioned methods [1,2].

In the present work ultrasonic cavitations was used with the simultaneous ozone generation. The high concentration of ozone in water solution was achieved by a two-barrier glow discharge at atmospheric pressure and cool thermo-electric module. The paper presents the results of recent experimental methods of sterilization of different types of microorganisms with the use of ozone and ultrasound [3]. The main aim was optimize the process of sterilization in water solution taking into account the following factors: necessary ozone concentration, power of ultrasonic emitter and water temperature. Sterilizer of a small size, which makes it possible to carry out the process of sterilization at low temperatures (up to 25 °C), without the application of any chemical reagents has been developed. A method of sterilization of instruments is based on operation in ozone- aqueous medium. The functional diagram and common view of sterilizer are presented in Fig. 1, 2. The working bath of sterilizer was filled up with the distilled water. Dried air is forced into the reactor of ozonizer. Generated ozone enters the main, where it is mixed up with the cooled aqueous flow and enters the bath of sterilizer. The continuous feed of water from the bath through the element of cooling into the main is carried out with the help of the anticorrosive aqueous pump. In the given diagram, the reactor of ozonizer was cooled with water. The heat was sequentially removed from the thermoelectric module.

FIGURE 1. The block diagram of the sterilizer FIGURE 2. Sterilizer


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