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Annual Set The Environment Protection Rocznik Ochrona Środowiska

Volume/Tom 15. Year/Rok 2013 ISSN 1506-218X 127–135

Investigation on Landfill Leachate Biodegradability Improvement

by Use of Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Ozone

Marta Korniluk, Janusz Ozonek Lublin University of Technology

1. Introduction

Landfilling is one of the most common and the cheapest method for disposal of municipal waste. Economically, landfill method consti- tutes a large waste of energy and resources. However, this loss can be diminished by applying a thermal waste utilization [5, 16]. Simultaneous- ly, many of the oil and natural gas resources have already been complete- ly exhausted [15, 17, 20].

From an ecological viewpoint, the main consequence of organic waste decomposition is the emission of methane. Many efforts are un- derway to collect the gas and use it as an energy source. Furthermore, the attempts to treat landfill sites like bioreactors producing biogas for ener- gy purposes have been made. In order to intensify the biogas production the co-digestion with sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plant is used [13, 14].

Moreover, the generation of highly contaminated leachate is anoth- er consecutive disadvantage of waste disposal in landfills. Because of the variable leachate composition affected by waste characteristics, seasonal weather variation and the age of the landfill, effective and economically efficient leachate treatment methods are difficult to find [19]. It is reported in the literature that biological treatment of old leachates (>10 years) is limited by the presence of toxic and recalcitrant contaminants, which hin- der the viability of activated sludge [4]. In this situation various advanced

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