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Ultrasonic Chemical Reactors 1

Ultrasonic Chemical Reactors

Igor I. Savin, Sergey N. Tsyganok, Andrey N. Lebedev, Student member, IEEE, Dmitry V. Genne,

Student Member, IEEE, Elena S. Smerdina, Student Member, IEEE

Biysk Technological Institute (branch) of Altay State Technical University after I.I. Polzunov, Biysk,


Abstract— The article is devoted to different types ultrasonic chemical reactors for laboratory and industrial using. Experimental results are given.

Index Terms—ultrasonic, sonochemistry, ultrasonic reactor, cavitations.


The present-day industrial enterprises continuously increase tempo of industrial production. Usually, for this purpose it is necessary to modernize or completely to change the process flowsheet. It is widely known, that using of high intensity ultrasonic oscillations allows intensifying many technological processes, such as impregnating of composite materials, drilling of brittle and extra-hard materials, dissolution, extraction, emulsification, washing and clearing. [1,2]

A plenty of researches being carried out at present moment specify that speed of passing the majority of chemical reactions increases under action of an acoustic field and that some reactions do not pass without action of ultrasonic oscillations [3-5].

Cavitation is considered as a major factor which influences on reaction speed. The temperature inside cavitation bubbles while collapsing attains approximately 5000 K, pressure attains approximately 100 MPa and velocity of a collapse attains about 400 km/h. At such bubble collapsing the powerful shockwave [3] is created.

Providing of similar requirements is possible at intensity of ultrasonic action from 100 W/cm2. Since the acoustic oscillations of audio frequency and high intensity providing is rather difficult, using of ultrasonic frequency oscillations (above 20 kHz) obtains wide extending.

For implementation of such technological processes there is a special class of technological apparatus called ultrasonic reactors; and for providing researches of reaction passing under action of acoustic oscillations there is a science called acoustic chemistry.


Now there is a lot of ultrasonic reactors types, which differ

from each other with intensity of ultrasonic oscillations introducing into a fluid and possibility or impossibility of the flowing processing [4,6] (fig. 1).

Figure 1 - Existing types of ultrasonic reactors [4]

The peak of ultrasonic action provides with the ultrasonic reactor represented in figure 2.

Figure 2 - Embodiment and appearance of ultrasonic reactor «UZOR»

Such reactors are able to process about 300 ml of liquid

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