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Supercritical CO2 Turbine

R744 CO2 Turbine | 30-100 C ORC Temperature Range

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Infinity Turbine is now working on a S-CO2 ORC and Brayton Cycle Turbine that uses waste heat to make electricity. 


The advantages of a R744 (CO2) based working fluid system are smaller size and increased efficiency.The challenges of designing a Supercritical CO2 ORC or Brayton Cycle:

• Sealing:  The high pressures of supercritical CO2 necessitate a strong assembly and secure sealing with CO2 grade O-rings and gaskets.  

• CO2 Turbine:  The turbine rotor has to be able to withstand both liquid and gas.  CO2 in the supercritical state is a very dense gas.

• Feedpump: The feedpump needs to withstand a 300-750 psi inlet and 2,000 psi exit pressure.  This is done best with a positive displacement pump.  Small pumps are very difficult to find.  Many pump manufacturers claim to have them, but they do not (or they will not function with the higher exit pressure).

• Assembly:  The pump and turbine housing needs to be very strong, and easily adaptable to change (especially during development). The more modular the assembly, the more likely the development can go to commercial project in fewer steps. Using a interchangeable modular block system allows easy maintenance and upgrades to components.

• Drive:  A magnetic coupling and reduction gear are    essential to utilizing the high speed rotational output of the system. This allows the power output to drive a conventional speed AC or DC generator.

• Size:  The high efficiency of the Supercritical CO2 cycle allows the system to be a fraction of the size of conventional ORC equipment.  It also allows 2-5 times increase in power output in the same footprint.