Infinity Turbine Waste Heat To Power - Organic Rankine Cycle

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• Producing The World's Smallest ORC Turbine | Search Publications

• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

• No Gearbox Needed   |   3600 RPM (higher speed options)

• Made in the USA  

• TriboElectric Electrostatic Precipitation Oil Recovery System (CO2 Systems)

TriboElectric Power Generation System - No Moving Parts

DIY Coil Generation Kit Platform - Free Drawing and STL Download

• Videos of our technology at: vimeo.com/infinityturbine


CO2 Turbine Developers Platform

Rankine | Organic  | Brayton | Tribo


Supercritical CO2 Turbine Pump Design Under Development

Supercritical CO2 Turbine Pump from Infinity Turbine